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The Lost World 4D

4D Film Experience

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You’ve seen 3D… now at Land’s End you can take another step into the immersive magic of cinema with our incredible 4D sensory experience. Imagine being drawn into an exciting world where everything you see is in 3D and everything you hear is in powerful cinema surround sound ─ with the added fun of ‘feeling’ the action too!

The Lost World 4D takes you into a whole new world of adventure, forty million years in the making. Fierce Raptors, flying Pterodactyls, giant Triceratops and Stegosaurus, and the mighty T-Rex all roam this hostile world. Join Bob and his unlikely rescuer, Professor Lizzie, as they outrun these terrifying predators. 

Take a wild jeep ride through dense tropical rainforest and soar above this forgotten island in the flight of your life. “The Lost World” is a comic, fast-paced, entertaining and immersive adventure.

With 4D cinema you don’t just watch a movie – you’ll feel like you’re right there in the middle of the story.

For operating hours, please visit our opening times page.

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