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Download our brand new free app for iPad

With so much to see and do at Land’s End and throughout the county, download our iPad digital destination guide before you arrive, to best plan your trip and ensure you explore all that Cornwall has to offer.

Available, for free from the iTunes store, the Land’s End ‘digital destination guide’ is an all-encompassing mobile phone app to keep visitors, and residents of Cornwall, informed of what Land’s End has to offer.

Featuring details of what to do, where to go and general information about Land’s End, the Land’s End Hotel, the Saddle and Stablerooms and the First and Last Inn, the Land’s End app is a colourful, comprehensive and essential guide for visitors and locals.

The new app includes information about the Land’s End Heritage Trail, attractions in West Cornwall, sample menus from the Land’s End Restaurant, the smuggling heritage of the First and Last Inn, travel information for the Saddle and Stablerooms and much, much more.

Download from the app store.

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From a day visit to a weekend break, or great ideas that will help you get the most from your time at the westernmost point of Cornwall.

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