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‘100 things to do’ at Land’s End offers a fresh look at this world famous landmark

The summer may be over but Land’s End is making the most of life onsite with two new lists of ‘things to do’ at the most south-westerly point of mainland Britain.

The specially created lists are packed with new ideas, both for first-time visitors to explore and returning visitors to rediscover.

There is a list of ’50 things to do for Adults’ and ’50 things to do for Children’ so whether you’re 5 years old or over 50, there is something for everyone and the chance to test and try the possibilities.

Adults can watch the sunset over the Longships Lighthouse; look out for marine mammals at the First and Last Point or ‘blow out the cobwebs’ braving the 20-25 knot wind levels during the winter. While children can hunt for  Cornish ‘piskies’, explore the mirror maze inside ‘Arthur’s Quest’, listen out for foghorns on foggy days and visit Eddie Williams, the craft-worker, at Greeb Farm and ask him to tell them some Cornish stories.

David Bryans, General Manager of Land’s End, said:

“It is our hope that these ideas will fire the imagination of our visitors and open up for them the wealth of experiences to be had at Land’s End. I think many visitors will be surprised by the sheer variety of ‘things to do’ which is sure to encourage them to take a fresh look at Land’s End.”


50 things for Grown-Ups at Land’s End
01. Visit Land’s End in the winter when wind-levels can reach 30-35+ knots!
02. Watch the sun go down over The Longships Lighthouse
03. Bring a picnic to the First and Last point and watch out for marine mammals! 
04. Visit ‘Taste of the West’ to buy and sample every flavour of Cornish Fudge
05. Eat a traditional Cornish pasty made by Warren’s Bakery; the world’s oldest pasty makers
06. Visit the craft workers at Greeb Farm and select a unique handmade gift for a friend 
07. Ask the craft workers at Greeb Farm to show you some ‘tips of the trade’
08. Pace the ‘Southward Walk’ to Pordenack Point and then stroll back to the Land’s End Ice Cream Parlour 
09. Savour a mid-morning speciality coffee in the Land’s End Restaurant
10. Stay the night at ‘the most south-westerly point of mainland Britain’ and book into the Land’s End Hotel 
11. Arrive early to hear the dawn chorus and then join us for breakfast in the Land’s End Restaurant
12. Visit the ‘Penwith House’ gallery and peruse the Cornish paintings
13. Visit ‘Taste of the West’ to buy the scrumptious local jams & chutneys 
14. Bring your camera and capture incredible shots of the Land’s End landscape
15. Channel your inner artist and bring your sketchbook to capture the natural landscape
16. Enjoy ‘afternoon tea’, a cream tea or tea and cake, in the Land’s End Restaurant
17. Stay late to enjoy a cold, frosty beer or a glass of wine on the restaurant terrace
18. Browse fleeces, jackets, Weird Fish and Lazy Jacks leisurewear in the Land’s End Clothing Co.
19. Come to dinner at the Land’s End Restaurant and enjoy one of the best views in West Cornwall
20. Come to Land’s End on a sunny day to top-up your tan
21. Come to Land’s End on a misty day and navigate your way around the site in the fog 
22. Look for the remains of the RMS Mülheim which was wrecked at Land’s End in 2003
23. Climb aboard the decommissioned lifeboat ‘The James and Catherine Macfarlane.’
24. Bring your binoculars and look for nesting sea-birds along the Land’s End cliffs
25. Visit Land’s End during the night-time to do some star-gazing
26. Investigate the ‘ley lines’ that run across the Land’s End peninsula
27. Wander the Cornish Heathland when the gorse is in bloom 
28. Head into the Land’s End Trading Co. to buy a book about the history and heritage of Cornwall
29. Buy Land’s End postcards to post in the Land’s End post box 
30. Be a “country bumpkin” and sit on the grass sharing Cornish cider brought from ‘Taste of the West’
31. Buy some ‘travel sweets’ for your journey home from ‘Taste of the West’
32. Surprise somebody and make a phone-call from the ‘most south-westerly’ telephone boxes in mainland Britain
33. Bring your pet pooch for a long walk on the Land’s End peninsula
34. Look for Cruise Ships, Container Ships, Cargo Ships and Trawlers passing by
35. Visit the RSPB Discovery Centre to find out about the diverse wildlife living on the Land’s End peninsula
36. Ask for some local knowledge and stories from the team in the Visitor Centre 
37. Join us for lunch at the Land’s End Restaurant and order the ‘Catch of the Day’; local fish caught by local people
38. Walk the ground around Greeb Farm and look for evidence of  the ‘Middle Stone Age’ 
39. On a clear day, look out over the sea to see if you can spot the Isles of Scilly
40. Look for signs of ‘The Lost Land of Lyonesse’ in the waters surrounding Land’s End 
41. Learn all the names of the rock formations around Land’s End 
42. Stride the ‘Northward Walk’ to Sennen Cove and loop back to the Land’s End Hotel for a delicious hot chocolate
43. Ask at Hotel reception about the bombing of the Land’s End Hotel in 1941
44. Buy a box of delicious Cornish shortbread from ‘Taste of the West’ 
45. Treat (or bribe) someone with Cornish silver jewellery brought in The Land’s End Trading Co.
46. Treat (or bribe) someone with some real ales brought in ‘Taste of the West’ 
47. Count the many different species of flora to be found in this designated ‘Very Important Plant Area’
48. Visit Hotel reception to look in the ‘End-to-End’ book and read about the latest ‘End-to-End’ journeys 
49. Add a Land’s End ‘Brief History’ leaflet to your holiday scrapbook
50. Land’s End attracts visitors from around the world so be sure to do some ‘people-watching’ 
50 things for Children at Land’s End
01. Go down to Greeb Farm to meet and greet all the farmyard animals
02. Jump on the band-stand in the main square and pretend to be a rock-star
03. Have your photo taken somewhere onsite and take the picture to show at school
04. Search the site and see if you can find a Cornish ‘pisky’
05. Lie in the grass and do some cloud-spotting
06. Visit Land’s End and look out for the national bird of Cornwall; the Cornish Chough
07. Visit Land’s End on a rainy day, wear your wellington boots and jump in the puddles
08. Take a look at the decommissioned Air Ambulance helicopter in the main square.
09. Visit the ‘Wreckreation Play Area’ and have a go on the climbing frames and slides
10. Explore the mirror maze inside ‘Arthur’s Quest’
11. Ask for a free colouring set in the Land’s End Restaurant
12. Visit the ‘RSPB Discovery Centre’ and to see if you can spot dolphins 
13. Spend some pocket money on ‘pick and mix’ sweets in ‘Taste of the West’ 
14. Visit Eddie Williams at Greeb Farm and ask him to tell you some Cornish stories
15. Ask in the Visitor Centre for a free activity trail and use it to explore Land’s End
16. Watch RNLI and RNAS Culdrose crews rescue a stricken fisherman in Air Sea Rescue
17. Bring a magnifying glass and search for bugs and beasties in the Cornish heathland
18. Ask for a map in the Visitor Centre and then lead your family around the site
19. Go down to Greeb Farm and take a look in the farmyard pond
20. Try and count how many Starlings you can spot in the main square
21. Visit Land’s End on a misty day and listen out for the foghorn
22. Buy a miniature Land’s End signpost in the Trading Co. and put it in your hamster cage or goldfish bowl!
23. Bring a compass and navigate your way to the most south-westerly point of mainland Britain 
24. Visit Land’s End in the dark and look out for Longships Lighthouse flashing to warn passing ships 
25. Visit Land’s End on a windy day and fly a kite
26. See if you can find some rabbit burrows
27. Bring the family dog and play throw and catch
28. Walk part of the South West Coast Path
29. Go to the main map of the site and match the numbers to the place names
30. Pick a blade of grass and make a ‘grass trumpet’
31. Walk around the site and try to find a lucky four leaf clover
32. Bring a skipping rope or a hula-hoop and practise on the grass
33. Arrive at Land’s End really late in the evening to watch the sunset
34. Eat a stick of rock on your journey home in the car
35. Play games like ‘tag’ or ‘granny’s footsteps’ on the grass
36. Pretend to be a ship’s captain on the decommissioned lifeboat ‘The James and Catherine Macfarlane’
37. Look at the waves and the plants and see if you can work out the wind direction 
38. See if you can find the remains of the World War II radar station onsite
39. Pretend to be a ‘Borrower’ and take a look at the Land’s End miniature village
40. Visit Land’s End and watch out for the second largest fish in the world; the Basking Shark!
41. Bring some paper and colouring pencils and draw something that you see onsite
42. Visit Wendy Williams or Jane in Penwith House and ask them to give you some drawing and painting tips
43. See if you can spot the ‘Land’s End Eagle’* (*Clue: You’ll find him near the 4D Film Experience)
44. Watch ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ in the 4D Film Experience
45. Look under the archway at the Cornish coat-of-arms and see ‘Land’s End’ written there in Cornish
46. See if you can find and meet ‘Felix the Mighty Cat’ at Greeb Farm
47. Ask your parents if you can pack and bring a picnic
48. Take a look at the Land’s End timeline on the side of ‘The Bakehouse’ 
49. Arrive at Land’s End really early in the morning to watch the sunrise
50. Visit the ‘End to End Story’ to read about the incredible ‘End-to-End’ journeys


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