Sea Life at Lands End Landmark

Sea Life at Land’s End Landmark
Posted on Jan 21, 2014

For the month of February, this world-famous landmark will ‘give the eye’ of its attention to the wind and the waves as it investigates its unique nautical history and heritage.

No-where within West Penwith is it possible to be more three and a half miles from the sea and Land’s End as the most westerly point of mainland Cornwall and England is an ideal location to appreciate the scale of the Atlantic Ocean.

The coastline is a notoriously ‘wild environment’, and over the centuries, Land’s End has seen more than its fair share of shipwrecks, smuggling, ‘sea creatures’ and colossal waves, however, the ‘stormy conditions’ have created some of the most dramatic aspects of the Land’s End site and has helped form the character of the place.

Therefore, just for this month, an exhibition and activity room will be available for visitors to explore and discover the unique relationship that Land’s End shares with the sea.

There will be the chance to try your hand at flag-signalling, morse code, the singing of sea-shanties and the reading of maps, as well as an assortment of stories and first-accounts from fishermen, wreckers, and survivors of shipwrecks – individuals who have all experienced the sheer power of the wind and the waves at Land’s End Landmark.

Alice Reynolds, Marketing Manager of Land’s End said

‘This is an ideal opportunity to engage and entertain our visitors with the marvellous maritime heritage of Land’s End; some of the stories are really quite harrowing but it is our hope that this campaign will fire the imagination and offer a unique insight into how the sea has affected the lives of people living in Cornwall.’





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