Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath
Posted on Dec 01, 2014

Fancy letting your creative side run free this festive season – then why not kick start your December by making your very own Christmas Wreath!

All you’ll need to get you started is a wire coat hanger, an old newspaper, a bin-liner, some string/wire and your favourite Christmas greenery and decor (e.g. holly, Christmas tree off-cuts, pine cones, baubles etc…)

Step 1: Use your wire coat hanger as the framework for your wreath-to-be, by stretching and bending it in to a circle (or an alternative shape if you’re feeling extra creative!)

Step 2: Fold an newspaper length-ways until it is approximately 5cm in width and wrap the newspaper around the outside of your wire frame. Continue this process until you have achieved the desired thickness of your wreath – it’s entirely up to you!

Step 3: Secure the newspaper by tightly wrapping 1 (or 2/3 depending on thickness) bin-liners around the newspaper and wire to keep it in place. Now you’re ready to begin the fun part!

Step 4: Take your festive greenery and chosen decor and simply fasten with string/wire (or even glue where appropriate) to your wreath frame.

Step 5: Hang in pride of place, on your door!

Here’s an awesome time-lapse we found online of someone else using this creative method and the results are fantastic:

…and here are some other inspired festive wreaths, made from scratch, using day-to-day household items that we've found on the net. Some beautifully traditional and others quirky, modern and unique:

Festive Bows Source: Woohome

Wine Bottle Corks Source: Woohome

Clothes Pegs Source: Woohome





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