An Introduction to RAF Mark's Castle

An Introduction to RAF Mark's Castle - Land's End
Posted on Sep 05, 2014

I have known Land’s End since I moved to Cornwall in 1972, however the real interest came forty two years later. 

Being very interested in the history of WW2 I was asked if I had any knowledge of an RAF Radar station on the heath land some 200 meters from the visitors attraction. 

I scratched my head and wondered if my leg was being pulled. I was to find that there truly was a very TOP SECRET site. 

If you stand along the wall by the children’s play ground and Life Boat and look towards the higher ground you may be able to imagine that you can see a radar scanner rotating, corrugated buildings and men and women in RAF Blue moving around. 

Between where you stand and the radar site is double row of fencing with armed guards patrolling. All of a sudden the men and women are running for the Air raid shelter as the scream of bombs rain down. 

Young girls like LACW Norah Leggatt, Cpl Joan Ostler, Pippa Ward and Babs Neville carry on watching the Radar screen and reporting enemy contacts back to the area filter room. They continue through the bombing raid. It really happened and the demolished bunkers and buildings remain today. 

I am unable to do more than whet your appetite. I would love to tell you more but a blog is brief by nature. Hundreds of hours research can be found on line at www.raf-marks-castle-and-raf-sennen.co.uk  

Written by Michael J Sculthorp-Wright





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