The famous Land's End Signpost

A must do for all visitors

The famous Signpost is probably the most iconic attraction at Land’s End.

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Unmissable pay-as-you-go family attractions at Land's End

Against the beautiful natural backdrop of Land’s End there’s some real fun waiting – for kids and for grown-ups too.

Our attractions are currently closed for essential winter maintenance and will be re-opening in February 2015; apologies for any inconvenience.

Arthur’s Quest – interactive experience

Our brand new attraction uses the latest interactive technology and special effects to conjure that mystical Dark Age of Arthur, Merlin and, of course, dragons. Do you dare enter the beast’s terrifying fiery lair?
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Arthur's Quest – Land's End

20,000 leagues under the sea – 4D family cinema show

Enjoy a re-imagined version of the classic tale – join Ned as he plunges into a world of adventure aboard the submarine Nautilus. Experience exciting effects of water splashes, wind blasts and bubbles as 3D fish swim out of the screen!
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4D Film Experience – Land's End

The End to End Story – family exhibition – Free Entry

Journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats in Scotland (or vice versa) by whatever means you like – walk, run, cycle, even skateboard. Our fun exhibition celebrates the legendary challenge.
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The End to End Story – Land's End

Greeb Farm – two exciting family attractions in one

Greeb Farm is our delightful farm park and small animal centre where young children can meet our farm favourites and even feed them! Meanwhile, in the barn is a fascinating group of craftwork studios, all producing original items for sale.
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Greeb Farm – Land's End