The famous Land's End Signpost

A must do for all visitors

The famous Signpost is probably the most iconic attraction at Land’s End.

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4D Film Experience

Our attractions are currently closed for essential winter maintenance and will be re-opening in February 2015; apologies for any inconvenience.

Family cinema that brings you an extra dimension in thrills!

You’ve seen 3D…now at Land’s End you can take another step into the immersive magic of cinema with our incredible 4D sensory experience.

4D cinema at Land’s End – the ultimate attraction

Imagine being drawn into an exciting world where everything you see is in 3D…everything you hear is in powerful cinema surround sound ─ with the added fun of ‘feeling’ the action too!

Prepare for fun and surprises in our special effects theatre as motion-simulator seats jiggle and shift under you, wind and spray blast you, spooky smoke crawls across the ground.

With 4D cinema you don’t just watch a movie – you’ll feel like you’re right there in the middle of the story.

20,000 leagues under the sea

Enjoy a re-imagined version of the classic tale – join Ned as he plunges into a world of adventure aboard the submarine Nautilus.

Experience exciting effects of water splashes, wind blasts and bubbles as 3D fish swim out of the screen!

4D Film Experience Land's End
4D Film Experience Land's End
4D Film Experience Land's End
4D Film Experience Land's End